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High Definition Makeup

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High Definition Makeup

\This is probably the most popular type of makeup application This makeup is done using regular brushes but products that contain pigments with light-diffusing coatings that blur the imperfections when light reflects onto them. Any product that claims to be HD will have one of the following: mica, silicone, crystals, and quartz. In pictures, this makeup would look next to flawless, and in real life too, the result will be a dewy, skin-like finish. If you’re very dry skin, it’s recommended to prep your skin with hydrating products and end with a moisturizing setting spray, or the mica in the foundation starts breaking down.

The purpose of HD makeup is to mimic natural skin, and hide imperfections, dark circles, and uneven skin tone while maintaining a natural look.

The difference between HD makeup and regular makeup is that the HDM can withstand extreme heat and light conditions whereas the regular makeup will break down.


Advantages of HD Makeup: 


  • Produces  flawless results, which is ideal for wedding photos
  • A light layer of makeup that isn’t too heavy or cakey.
  • Your skin won’t feel too heavy and will be able to breathe with only a light coating of makeup.
  • Acne, pimples, and spots can be covered with just a light layer of makeup.
  • The result of HD Makeup will be quite natural, and you will not appear unrecognizable




  • More expensive than traditional application
  • Have to be professionally trained for the correct application
  • To get complete coverage the process may take twice as long.