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Destination Weddings

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Destination Weddings

Planning a destination wedding is as exciting as it can be frightening. When it comes to weddings that are performed usually out of the country there are a few very important aspects to consider. Beauty and style vary by country and region. Local customs and traditions should be considered when selecting a wedding venue.  The bride is often at the mercy of a local hair and make-up artist and usually, the trial gets done the day before leaving very few options and choices. This is where a professional team of hair and make-up artists comes in. There is something to be said for the comfort of knowing your artist prior to your wedding day. The Artist usually travels with the bridal party. Upon arrival the artist gets familiar with the location and plans the wedding day, creating a timeline. The artist stays with the bride the entire day. Some brides request a change of style between ceremony and reception, some just get touched up. Oftentimes the rehearsal dinner is part of the destination wedding package. It’s important to consider that destination wedding packages are billed as a daily rate, plus travel and accommodation. The same applies to the day of travel.

The artist brings all of the necessary tools and products with them, and any trial photos or videos to assist in a seamless completion. Styling products that are used during the trial will be the same used on the wedding day, avoiding allergic reactions that may otherwise occur from using products from other sources. The trial is performed in advance and consists of several styles of the brides choosing. It’s always a good idea to try styles that may not be the first choice but in case of inclement weather may be a better option. The week prior the bride and the artist create a timeline with specific placement of each attendant avoiding overcrowding and time delays. The artists work closely with a wedding coordinator, the bride, and the photographer. This order insures that getting ready pictures will be taken when the bride is ready.

Sample day:

Artist arrives at the bride’s suite and sets up. The setup is usually 30 min to ensure all the needed tools and products are ready to go. The timeline is followed, each attendant has a precise time to arrive at the suite to get ready. This careful planning eliminates crowding and allows others to be able to prepare in their own rooms.

Once all the attendants are ready, the artists touch up everyone and make sure their hair and makeup are impeccable after they get dressed. Usually, the photographer takes photos of the bride getting ready and requests a time to have all attendants meet for a bridal party photo.  If the reveal is planned, the bride, the groom, and their parents meet at the designated location for a private photo session while the bridesmaids are getting ready. Once the Bride gets into her dress and takes a few pictures with her mother and her maid of honor, its time for the walk down then isle.